Why Business as Mission? (BAM)

Businesses are a valuable and indispensable part of society.  They will be, whether Christians participate in them or not.  Why shouldn’t they be part of Christian missional activity?  The redemptive power of the gospel is meant to influence every part of society, including the business environment, like salt and light.  Being salt and light is intrinsic to the very nature of our vocation and ministry as missional Christians.  The outcome of profitable business can, and should be, mission.  We believe that facilitating Christians in business is part of God’s mission in the world today, and that Transformational SME is a strategic initiative to enable us to respond to this challenge.

Businesses provide meaningful and sustainable employment with the potential for personal growth, particularly in situations of deeply entrenched poverty and lack of opportunity.  Running Kingdom businesses is an act of kindness, grounded in and demonstrating the just and creative character of God.  Modeling successful business based on God’s truth and biblical principles is a tangible witness to the transforming character of the gospel.  Increasingly the people of God are to be found on the shop floor, in factories, and in other work settings providing a more secure environment for worship, teaching, fellowship and growth, especially in countries where suspicion and hostility to the gospel is strong.  The most natural and credible opportunities to share the love of Christ and to disciple men and women are among employees, suppliers and customers of businesses led by committed Christians, with whom these men and women have enduring relationships.  We are committed to business as mission in a dignified, credible, and sensitive manner, particularly among the neediest in the Arab world and Asia, so that the church of Christ might be established and strengthened for His glory.

The following is the working definition used by the second global think tank, of the Lausanne Business as Mission (BAM) issue network:

Business as Mission is:

  • Profitable and sustainable businesses
  • Intentional about Kingdom of God purpose and impact on people and nations
  • Focused on holistic transformation and the multiple bottom lines of economic, social, environmental, and spiritual outcomes
  • Concerned about the world’s poorest and least evangelized peoples