Wealth Creation For Holistic Transformation


For video, click –> ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBruBhaUKa8&list=PLYGxDL2dvuo5k-Uk8FGxZj1QYcBe70_Vx&index=1

It has 13 short ​episodes, and is based on the Wealth Creation Manifestohttp://matstunehag.com/wealth-creation

The Lausanne Movement and BAM Global organized a Global Consultation on The Role of Wealth Creation for Holistic Transformation, in Thailand 2017.  The Wealth Creation Manifesto conveys the essentials of the deliberations before and during the Consultation. It is already available in 13 languages, and is being translated into more.

The Global Consultation dealt with, and consequently the video also deals with, issues and questions like:

  • Sharing wealth is a virtue, but there is no wealth to be shared unless it’s been created. The church needs to understand the issue of wealth creation in order to fight poverty. Scarcity and simplicity are not the answer. What are some Biblical perspectives on this?
  • No wealth can possibly be created without wealth creators, i.e. without entrepreneurs and business people. How can we affirm, equip and deploy wealth creators to serve God and the common good by doing business?
  • We know that God loves justice and hates injustice. How can business be a tool for justice? How can business fight human trafficking and bring hope and restoration to its survivors?
  • Wealth creation is a key solution to poverty. The biggest lift out of poverty, in the history of mankind, has happened in our generation – not by aid but through business. How can we move from aid to trade?
  • God calls people to do business yet it appears most Christians have never heard a sermon on work, wealth creation and business. Why is that? What changes are needed in seminaries and in the training of pastors?
  • Creation care is not optional. Stewardship of creation and business solutions to environmental challenges should be an integral part of wealth creation through business. How can we move from “creation scare” to creation care?

Resources are available to use in classroomssmall groups, and individual study​:​ video facilitation guide, discussion questions, academic syllabus, small group resources, supplementary materials, and HD downloads of the videos.​

See https://www.lausanne.org/lausanne-global-classroom/wealth-creation

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