The so-called “Business as Mission” (BAM) or “Business for Transformation” (B4T) movement is changing the lives of people all over the world.  It is also transforming businesspeople worldwide by exposing them to a revolutionary paradigm: the idea that God has called them into mission through business.  Globally-minded Christian business professionals are seeking to bring economic development, social vitality and spiritual transformation to communities around the world.

Growing numbers of Christian men and women in business have a passionate desire to help entrepreneurs in developing countries grow their existing businesses.  But they want to do more than just improve the bottom line.

Transformational SME enables the participation of like-minded Christians who, through investing in genuine, transformational business activity, want to have an impact on the individuals and communities in the Arab world and Asia.

Transformational SME offers investors an opportunity to serve as mentors and coaches.  Mentors are assigned to each company to provide counsel and accountability, thereby enhancing the likelihood of commercial success and spiritual impact.

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For SME Owners/Managers

Transformational SME serves existing SMEs in the Arab world and Asia that are aligned with our Mission, Strategy, Code of Ethics, and Vision for BAM/B4T.

If your business is in the planning or start-up phase, or if you don’t think you qualify for, or just don’t need finance from us, but would like help positioning your BAM/B4T company for growth or would just like some help, we encourage you to enquire about our other services.  Our consulting expertise includes the following areas:

  • Business Plan Design and Development
  • Strategic Capital Structure, Financial Planning and Management
  • Building Effective Governance
  • Mission-critical Human Resource Recruitment
  • Balanced Integration of Commercial and Transformational Impact Objectives
  • Cross-Cultural Effectiveness in the Arab world and Asia

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 Job Opportunities

There are countless assignments available in BAM/B4T companies in the Arab world and Asia.  Transformational SME helps companies to identify, recruit, deploy and support entrepreneurs, managers and other professionals for strategic roles in companies in the region.  Transformational SME believes it is ultimately investing in people.

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