Product Trainer – Malaysia

This award-winning social enterprise works with families in rural Malaysia where they create batik textiles on natural fibers, and train women from low-income backgrounds to produce beautiful, high quality, gifts and fashion accessories.  More than 50 artisans have worked with the company to gain a fair and sustainable income and marketable skills.  They are seeking someone to help their seamstresses grow in skills at their sewing training center by training beginner, intermediate and advanced sewing techniques.  Potential goals:

  • Design new products and help improve existing products while incorporating eco-friendly dyed fabric
  • Help create new and hot product offerings for the gift and/or fashion industry
  • Improve product design, so the women can learn to innovate better in the future.  They want to improve and broaden the products so they can increase demand, thereby giving more women sustainable income in the low-income housing areas.